As we build the field of people who are reverse ageing, we move towards a point of critical mass and the momentum increases. Just as fear can be amplified through belief, so can joy and positivity.

The subject of this article is about how taking Immortality will literally create a new reality.

Firstly, it is important when creating a reality to realise it is made up of consensus opinion, for example, we all agreed the virus is out there and it is dangerous and so we agreed to communally wear masks. 

Now for Immortality, when we watch our faces change and become younger, our skin getting softer, our energy increasing and our joints become less creaky and problematic it helps us begin believing that, we are in fact, getting younger.

But when we look at people who are taking it and we see the same effect there, then it helps to reinforce the consensus reality that this, in fact, is taking place and is becoming the new reality.

Of course, old age, decrepitude, and death are still there, but we now have the choice of not going there, if we do not want to. 

As we look at a sea of now young faces it brings up all sorts of interesting philosophical and existential questions.

What will we do with all this time? Do we even want to live for a thousand years?

What are we going to do about overpopulation, is this just going to exacerbate the problem?

Do people who have retired get to go back to work? What are we going to do about the planet which we can possibly inhabit for the next 1000 years, as you and as a species?

Does the work I am doing make sense – as something I could still be doing in a hundred years?

How to change what I do into something I could happily be doing in a hundred years.

What am I willing to do to protect this planet and all the species that live here?

Should immortality be given to everyone and can we even stop it, and given that, how best to manage this?

These are just some of the questions we need to begin to ask ourselves going forward to build a new reality where people really support each other, and where we really feel others have got our backs.

We also need to see ourselves as guardians and caretakers of every other species that live on this planet. Without them, we will surely perish as all life is interwoven.

A lot of the decisions people make are made on the premise that we are going to get old and die but if we break this premise like a dry stick we are left with a very different view of the future and quite simply everything that is happening around us all the time.

I air these considerations as we need to begin thinking about them. Immortality is now a reality for everyone, and completely affordable to large portions of the world’s population.

Should I have opened it up to everyone? Well, that ship has sailed as it is now available in multiple countries and continues to expand daily, once the cat is out of the bag, we have a hard time putting it back in.

The only other thing we have to consider when we take Immortality is: are we willing to pay the immortal price which is not financial but existential as we go back through a lot of our old memories and sensations in the process of creating a new immortal body.

For me, the immortal price was minor, a few old memories, the odd ache and pain, some old symptoms popping up for a few days. Granted, I have done a lot of Liberation and Redemption so my field was quite clear to start with.

People who have not done so much clearing might find this process a bit more taxing, but really in the greater scheme of things, it is a pittance to pay for physical immortality.  The old adage of ‘if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen’ comes to mind here, but there is obviously a lot more at stake, quite literally eternal life. Provided we do not get run over by a bus. 

Any old symptoms that may arise are really just the body addressing its grievances with you for your treatment of it over the years and really any fingers that need to be pointed all point back to you. As I said, it is a small price to pay and a great learning in how to treat your body with respect and reverence.

Eat well, get ample exercise, get enough sleep, do stuff you love, play with your kids, walk the dog go on holiday, spoil yourself a bit, allow space for the things that nourish you. 

And above all else enjoy your life, cheer up – you could be dead or mortal, there really is so much to celebrate and so much time to do it in, the world is literally opening up to the new immortals and we have lots of company to keep us entertained along the way.  

What more could we ask for really?