Immortal Eyes 20/20


Immortal Eyes 20/20 is 3 levels of immortality in distilled water as well as the amplified version of the Peruvian plant Sananga used to combat the emotional and mental causes of poor vision. These include grief, existential exhaustion and loss of a love for life through hardship.

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When we take Immortal Eyes 20/20 we are ensuring we get not only the best topical application of the regenerative effect of the Immortal Jellyfish but also assistance with other emotional factors which might be causing vision to be impaired.

Using either of these products has helped people do away with reading glasses, vastly improved dry eyes and even in some cases re-established proper functioning of the tear duct. It has been miraculous for floaters where the vitreous humour of the eye gets more sticky with age. By taking Immortal Eyes the vitreous humour returns to a more fluid and liquid state resulting in the disappearance of floaters even in those over 80.

Either of the versions of Immortal Eyes help return the eyes to an earlier version of themselves where they were stronger and healthier and keeps eyes functioning at their optimal cellular capacity.

By including the emotional causes of failing vision and poor eye functionality, we are addressing some of the unaddressed causes that often underly poor vision which means that we have a much deeper acting substance with which to improve our vision.


Immortal Eyes 2020 is designed to be taken at night, one drop per eye so that the eye has time to regenerate while you sleep.  One 10ml bottle will normally last at least 2 and a half months with nightly application.

Keep out of sunlight and shake before use.


10ml – Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis Dohrnii), Sananga – Distilled Water


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