Emma Hamel

My yearning to understand life began at a very young age. Naturally inquisitive, and with a clear need to assist people how to believe in themselves, I have formally trained in Advanced Soul Coaching®  with Denise Linn, NLP, and Health Coaching with IIN. See my coaching site here.

Whilst living in Cape Town I met Robyn Wilkinson who was the Editor of Wellness Magazine, when she contacted me for a Past Life Coaching session and we have remained friends since that day. Robyn introduced me to the creator of this incredible range of products Adam Suzman, and the rest I guess is history!


The New Immortals SITE

The intention is to make this site informational as well as being able to buy the products. I will upload blogs, videos, PDF’s all of which should enable anyone to understand what they are all about and how they work.

With so many tools available to assist on the journey we call life, I am incredibly excited to be distributing these incredible vibrational products throughout the UK. For me, as for many others, they are an absolute game-changer.

Adam Suzman

As the creator and innovator of vibrational remedies, Adam has incredible insight into the human psyche and how it intersects with the body. His background is steeped in Buddhist philosophy and a deep form of homeopathy. This, coupled with many processes to unshackle the mind has liberated him from limiting constructs enabling a vision of a different future. After practicing homeopathy for 20 years, he became deeply committed to alleviating human suffering and created remedies that worked simultaneously on all aspects of being human.

After much success with his series of remedies under The Trinity, (Liberation, Redemption and Blue Lotus) Adam ventured further into vibrational technology to bring the world Immortality and Pashmina. Adam is the perfect leader for a venture into a new paradigm and feels strongly about providing as much support through the varying healing processes as possible, urging us all to set up community to share our experiences and support each other along the way.