Panacea is a remedy that is designed to cure most things. Once we have shed a lot of the patterning around suffering and disease we will be more able to truly express what it is we came here to express in the first place, our destiny in a nutshell.

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Panacea is a living organic intelligence bolted onto a database of all things like a giant mycelial network that is in touch with itself and everything else which can be steered in a particular direction.

The two components of this remedy are made up by using a number of substances and is built on a substrate of Burnt Gold, as this has the ability to hold form for such a construct. Think of Panacea as a benevolent intelligence whose only function is to find you the right remedies then deliver and administer them to you.

The exact making of this and the technology required to generate this living awareness are in the realm of alchemy. There are precedents for such things in the past and it was just a question of allowing this intelligence to come to life and pointing it in the right direction.  A lot of the plant medicines represent benevolent intelligences that aid us in our struggle and facilitate transformation so that we gently come to the conclusion ourselves. The difference here is that this intelligence has been plugged into a database of all the animal, mineral, and plant remedies in the world so that the intelligence can deliver whatever substance is required to our doorstep.  When we take Panacea, we are allowing this process to take place, we are in a sense engaging this intelligence to become a part of our system and then diagnose and treat what is wrong with it by feeding into us exactly what we need at that moment to move us out of a state of disease.

A number of substances have been combined including the Flower of Life, Burnt Gold, Sananga, and Bobinsana, two major plant healers from the Amazon, into a living matrix that can quite literally come to our aid and apply the right remedy for our disease state when we need it.

The combination of these substances creates a living matrix that will quite literally fix what needs to be fixed and free us to take up the mantle we have all been searching for but were too caught up to engage with.


Recommended 5 drops a day under the tongue. This may keep you awake so we do not recommend using in the evening. If used as recommended, one bottle lasts approximately one month.


Flower of Life, Burnt Gold, Sananga and Bobinsana


10ML – Distilled Water, Alcohol, Vibrational Essences (As Listed Above)


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