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Immortality Asgard is quite simply something else with 22 levels of Immortality and the Norse Runes. These Runes were cooked up with gold in a universal solvent allowing their living nature to be brought to life.

Asgard also contains Creation and Blue Lotus to smooth out the experience, which can be a bit unusual albeit fascinating in the beginning. Asgard gives us the perspective of being the observer of our own life, which gives us the choice much like Shiva, to react or not to any situation and the possibility to change our responses due to our altered perspective.

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We can get an altered perspective by watching our emotions and patterns arise but being apart from them. This is astounding as it sheds light on how we normally get caught up in the play of life. Once we step away from the ceaseless arising, we see how a bit of distance makes all the difference. We then can choose which emotional states we want to react to instead of being driven by our habitual responses.

Most of these are old reactive patterns from childhood or patterns handed down to us, copied and modelled from our parents’ emotional responses. This altered perspective on ourselves and our habitual patterning is through having a different or third person perspective on ourselves. In this way, we give ourselves the gift of change. How easy is it to see what someone else needs to do to end their suffering yet how difficult for us to see this same pattern in ourselves. Once we see the pattern as an outsider, we are astounded and appalled at how we have let this pattern bind us for so long and are then free to change it.

I woke up one night full of anger. In that moment, I saw myself as my father being angry and was able to see how I had inherited his response to any opposition to his will. Once I saw this, I could no longer entertain anger as a governing force in my reality.

Anger and all the emotions always come with the perfect set of stories, excuses, and justifications to be angry, jealous, sad, or grieving. In truth it is all rubbish as it binds us into conditioned behaviour, which is just suffering. Once you have seen anger or your flavour of tormentor for what it is – just an arising of emotion, there is no way you are going back to being bound by it.

This is exactly the story of the Buddha when Mara the embodiment of the illusion sensed the Buddha was going to break free from the illusion. He sent his daughters to lure him with desire. When this failed, he sent his armies to terrify him. The Buddha sat firm and watched it all, showing no response, either desire or aversion. Eventually the forces of Mara, the illusion was banished, and Mara slunk off with his tail between his legs.

This is what Asgard does. It allows us to see the illusion for what it is and its binding effect on us and then all we do is step away, so we are not injured by our own desire and aversion. Of course, we do not have to stop feeling things, we put them down when they are done, and choose to either pick them up again or not without being burned or conditioned by them.

Immortality Asgard also shows us how these runes exist in our bodies and in every other structure in existence. It is, at its essence, the core living transactional set of forms underpinning reality. By recognising this in ourselves it is easier to see it elsewhere which allows us to engage a new interconnected neural network with all living and unliving things. In a nutshell, the runes in us reach out to the runes in everything else and share information like a giant internet or mycelial network with limitless and unfailing connectivity, bandwidth, and access.

Please find a full explanation on this video.


Recommended 3-5 drops a day under the tongue. Can be taken every second day if preferred. If used as recommended, one bottle lasts approximately one month

The recommended dose is to take Asgard one day and then a dose of Vishnu and Creation for the next four days followed by another dose of Asgard and then Vishnu and Creation for the next four days and to repeat this cycle. This stabilises the process and makes it more interesting as Asgard is very powerful and deep reaching and it is nice to have some days off lounging in Vishnu’s garden of delights before plunging into the mystery again. Of course, this will be different for everyone and the keys to the kingdom are not for everyone but if they are for you, let’s make it easy to enter.

I recommend that people alternate the two as Asgard can make normal interactions a bit unusual. Some people love it but it is probably best to start it on a day when you have time off to allow yourself time to go more deeply into the mystery.


10ml – Vibrational Essences – Immortality 22 levels, 24 Runes, Gold, Rune Song, Blue Lotus, Creation – Distilled Water, Alcohol

Asgard. Potion of runes. Bringer of things back into their truths. Changer of destructive patterns. Giver of deepest insights. Easy? No. Enlightening? Yes! Beautiful? So beautiful!! I have worked with the runes for many years. I thought a homeopathic rune remedy was… an interesting idea…. I was keen to swallow some because of runes. I didn’t think for a moment that said remedy would be capable of doing the runes such profound justice. Adam, you are a Master. Asgard is an incredible gift to the world. Tack och välsigna dig.

Anna Runa

These tinctures are fantastic. The work that Adam has put into these elixirs is truly magical in every sense of the word. I began taking the Asgard and the Vishnu and since have had many revelations and discoveries not only about myself but about the world around me and the inner workings of both realms. I am fascinated with this journey of discovery. If you are such a person who is inclined to search for answers not easily found on Google, for those looking to enhance their perception skills and to dive deeper into knowing the Self, I would highly recommend these tinctures. They are wonderful tools to help aid us on the path. Thank you Adam for the wonderful work you have put into this.

Myles Maitreya


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