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Immortality Vishnu is for guidance, stability and deeper wisdom. It is one of the remedies in the series of the wrathful and the peaceful deities, all of which have incredibly valuable lessons to teach us.

Immortality Vishnu has 15 levels of Immortality, 2 Vishnu mantras, and the Siddhi Dhatri mantra.  Siddhi Dhatri is the archetypal form that bestows siddhis or powers in traditional Hindu mythology. Vishnu is known as a supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe and Immortality Vishnu is all about helping with the stages of consolidation and building.

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Consolidation is normally when we build the actual structure after we have broken ground, ploughed the field and laid the foundations. It shows you how truly synchronised and effortless reality can be even in the midst of chaos and how everything can be accomplished with minimal effort and maximal enjoyment. This allows one to not only get the job done but to smell the roses along the way. The truth of it all is that if you are not smelling the roses, you are missing an essential part of life and things start becoming quite functional. When we look at our lives we spend a lot of time preserving the structures around us, relationships, friendships, cars, houses, family interactions. It is all about the preservation, until it disappears which leaves space for something new to arise.

Immortality Vishnu has 15 levels of Immortality so it is a large change even from the Shiva which is 12. In addition, there is a living gold remedy, two Vishnu mantras and the Siddhi Datri mantra which is the archetypal Durga formed from Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma to give siddhis or powers to people. The gift of Vishnu is that we engage the world all steeped in colour and texture; this is available to us all at any moment if we just slow down a bit and pay attention to the majesty of the reality rolling out around us.

From another perspective, it really helps one engage the patient masculine and it is a patience that is potentially endless and never gets bored and is content to just listen without interrupting. The true gift is how everything seems to conspire effortlessly for your benefit and even difficult situations seem to get resolved in novel and unusual ways that somehow tick all your boxes for a good outcome. You can exit the scenario feeling you have triumphed, and everyone still likes you. I believe engaging with Immortality Lakshmi, Kali, Shiva and Vishnu is a teaching in itself and resolves a lot of the problems we encounter within ourselves with the incomplete masculine and feminine aspects which often come from poor relationships with our parents.

This allows us to move seamlessly into a stage of radiant integration which I believe is what we are all craving as it will allow us to bring all our dreams into reality in real time, not in some fictitious future life. The path of return to wholeness is laid out for us we just have to walk it, and we get to walk it in the mood of exultation. I believe that these four will allow us to rise in completion and bring about the world we truly want, by stepping into our integrated divine form, the form we were all born to inhabit.

Please find a full explanation on this video.


Recommended 3-5 drops a day under the tongue. Can be taken every second day if preferred. If used as recommended, one bottle lasts approximately one month


10ML – Vibrational Essence – Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis Dohrnii – Distilled Water, Alcohol, 


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These tinctures are fantastic. The work that Adam has put into these elixirs is truly magical in every sense of the word. I began taking the Asgard and the Vishnu and since have had many revelations and discoveries not only about myself, but about the world around me and the inner workings of both realms. I am fascinated with this journey of discovery. If you are such a person who is inclined to search for answers not easily found on Google, for those looking to enhance their perception skills and to dive deeper into knowing the Self, I would highly recommend these tinctures. They are wonderful tools to help aid us on the path. Thank you Adam for the wonderful work you have put into this!

Myles Maitreya