Immortal Trinity


The journey of Immortality is a path of regeneration and rebirth which at times can be exhilarating and at other times it can be a little intense, to say the least.  As Immortality actives new stem cells, old cellular memory starts to get cleared from the cells of our body. With all sorts of old emotional and physical states arising as part of our experience as we peel back the layers of memory that hold us in a pattern of ageing.  To support this radical rebirth process we have developed Creation and Tranquility to help support and hold you through this process.

1 x 10ml bottle of Immortality
1 x 10ml bottle of Creation
1 x 10ml bottle of Tranquility

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When we hit emotional or physical challenges and feel a bit low, we can use Creation to boost us up and get us back in the game, and when we are moving too fast or want the process to proceed a bit more gently, we can use Tranquillity to take time out or take it down a notch.

Tranquility is designed to help us adapt to stress, to support a calm disposition, open our hearts and allow us to sink into a gentle and healing state and we embody the frequency of love.  As we come home into our bodies we are able to be more deeply present, to rest and relax as the nervous system unwinds and drops into parasympathetic, the state required for true healing. Tranquility can be used at any time to augment reality by allowing us to run more smoothly.  It is suited to use in the workplace, during exams, performance stresses as well as an aid to help with deep restful sleep or just when we are too wound up and need to calm down a bit.

Creation, on the other hand, is for when we have dropped to the bottom of the ocean like the jellyfish to regenerate and things are just a little too quiet before the rebirth. Creation is packed full of elements that engender the joy of existence, the raw elements of life itself, the seeds of possibility from which all life and creation springs. Creation supports your nervous system to recalibrate, grounds your energy, activates new neural pathways and ignites your natural creative genius.

Rebalance – Recalibrate – Regenerate

Sometimes we need some help rising up from the depths and sometimes we need some help just relaxing enough to let sleep rebalance us and for both of these ends of the spectrum we have Creation and Tranquility.  With Creation and Tranquility, the journey of Immortality back through our cellular memory in the process of rebirth is made far more seamless and pleasurable. It provides us with the means to pick us up off the floor when the journey sometimes takes us there, as well as something that will drag us down from the clouds when we are too elated.  These stages are, to some extent, natural and not necessarily to be interrupted but we do not need to wallow in the lows, just taste them to know that we can come back up again.

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