Immortality Kali


Task Fulfilling Energy

Immortality Kali is made with 9 levels of Immortality onto which is added a powerful Kali Mantra for purification.  An almost magical return of will and a motivation to do things.

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The Kali Mantra represents the primordial force of action and is traditionally used to overcome lethargy and lack of inspiration.   The effect of Immortality Kali is almost immediate, and people feel an increased sense of will to do things, and a sense that every task is not only doable but a pleasure and a challenge to complete.  Anyone who is struggling with lack of motivation, lack of joy, procrastination, lethargy, no willpower and even depression will find Immortality Kali a complete game changer as it represents a non-addictive way to engage the primordial force of action.  In addition to the Kali Mantra the 9 levels of Immortality represent a very strong force of regeneration to fill us with energy and renew our cells not just internally but externally as well.

What distinguishes Immortality Kali is that it works on the spirit as well as the flesh and this gives us a sense of wellbeing.  You may find that every problem or thing you have been putting off is like old dry stick you can just snap effortlessly across your knee to bring to completion and that everything will yield to your will if you just bring your attention to it.

The recommendation is to take Immortality Kali with Creation as this turns the whole experience into something delightful as well and who says no to a bit more delight.

The recommendation is to use 4 bottles of Immortality Lasksmi before moving onto Immortality Kali.



Recommended 3-5 drops a day under the tongue. Can be taken every second day if preferred. If used as recommended, one bottle lasts approximately one month


10ml – Distilled Water, Alcohol, Vibrational Essences – Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis Dohrnii)


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