Immortality Garuda


Eagle View and Stimulating

Immortality Garuda is the third in the Immortality series, following on from Immortality and Immortality Vajra.  Immortality Garuda introduces a new frequency of Immortality to ensure the body does not get acclimatised to the frequencies in either Immortality or Immortality Vajra.

It has five levels of amplification. That means 5 x the original frequency of the Immortal Jellyfish. It also has the addition of the Golden Spiral and the Garuda Mantra.

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Now the Garuda mantra is all about rising above the situation to gain some perspective like the eagle rising up and eyeing out the land. Garuda is the lightning bird in Buddhism, it is responsible for keeping the Nagas in check. The Nagas are the serpent spirits that guard the waterways and keep the treasures hidden in Buddhism and Hinduism.

When we look at this in ourselves it is represented as the force that keeps those aspects of greed and covetousness in check. They say that when we disrespect the Nagas they bring cancer as a response so I believe that Immortality Garuda will be extremely useful in the treatment of cancers.

Immortality Garuda has been affectionately called the Red Bull of the Immortality range as it can be quite stimulating to the system. All the Immortalities regenerate our life force or kidney chi, and it is this life force which is responsible for keeping cancer cells in check in the first place.

As people age, their life force diminishes and hence, they are more prone to unregulated cell division leading to cancers. By returning us back to an earlier and stronger version of ourselves, we are less likely to even get to this point of proliferating unregulated cell growth.


3-5 drops of Immortal Garuda under the tongue to be taken in the morning before or after food. If used as recommended, one 10ml bottle lasts approximately one month. Only take Immortality Garuda once at least 4 bottles of the first Immortality has been taken. It is the third version of Immortality and should come after Immortality Vajra.

Keep out of sunlight and shake before use.


10ml – Garuda Mantra, Distilled Water, Alcohol, Vibrational Essences – The Immortal Jellyfish – Turritopsis Dohrnii, Golden Spiral

Immortality Garuda I am nothing but impressed. WOW!! The drops are so strong, that I can’t take it every day!!! My energy levels are out the roof, I am up until 2am. My libido is coming back and my creativity as well….As always I admire you Adamas Incendia for the wonders you create and that you share this with all of us, so we all may experience full self-realization in this lifetime. Thank you for you!!!

Alexandra Christokat

I’m not sure if it’s because I started taking Immortality Garuda on my 50th birthday when I had just opened my arms and heart to receive the abundance of a weeks-long celebration of me … but the feeling I have had has been to dance and skip and shimmy that has swept me up in alchemical transmutation and I am feeling ascendant and grounded and awake.

Penelope Van Maasdyk

With Garuda guiding me, I feel my wings returning; my intuitive navigation through my life, my work and my purpose. I am drawn deeper into connection with my dreams, in which I am abundant, wise and effortlessly dancing with samsara; not gripped by it, not running from it, but immersed in it – and aware of what is beyond it.

Holly Bell Beaton


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