Miracle Tooth


Miracle Tooth – change how you relate to toothcare with this groundbreaking product.

Miracle Tooth comes in a glass spray bottle containing The Life Molecule. Just 10 sprays in the mouth, swished for 1 to 2 minutes daily has an incredible effect on teeth and gums. It strengthens and repairs teeth and gives you lasting fresh breath and a clean-feeling mouth.

Available in two sizes. 30ml is a month’s supply. 100ml for 3 month’s supply.


Miracle Tooth improves all aspects of tooth and gum health.  By diminishing plaque accumulation and bacterial growth we allow the teeth, gums and nerves to structure themselves in their optimal state. This includes reduction or complete removal of sensitivity, cessation of bleeding gums from brushing, and reparation of receding gums.

  • Incredible clean feeling mouth
  • Fresher breath all day
  • Bacteria free
  • Plaque free
  • Sensitivity free
  • Gum repair
  • Tooth repair
  • Whiter, healthier and better feeling.


Turritopsin™ the Life Molecule is the active ingredient in Miracle Tooth. It is an isolated peptide modelled on the immortal jellyfish and built out of rice proteins completely palatable to vegans and vegetarians.  Turritopsin™ mimics the powerful message of regeneration that the immortal jellyfish (Turritopsis dohrni) sends to itself.

Although we do not have the same genetic expression as the immortal jellyfish which is able to return to a younger version of itself, we can access the universal message of renewal to boost our cellular and structural functionality with incredible regenerative effects.

In essence, the cells are given the message to rejuvenate themselves which translates into improved cellular functionality, blood flow and general cellular health and integrity.  To put it simply, younger cells are healthier, better and stronger cells creating healthier, stronger and more resilient teeth and gums.

Of course, brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth out after eating sugar loaded food will help this process but if you have to choose just one innovation in your day and forget all the others, Miracle Tooth will ensure your mouth is the healthiest version of itself.


In almost all the trial cases people reported previous tooth issues disappearing including infection, pain, general sensitivity as well as sensitivity to heat and cold, and general discomfort.  Miracle Tooth has demonstrated the process of tartar removal – trial participants commented on how their teeth were beginning to look whiter.

Participants reported better breath in the morning on waking and an increase in perceived health and solidity of the teeth.

All participants in the trial reported that their mouth and everything in it felt healthier than before they started with Miracle Tooth and all of them stated beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would continue using it on completion of the trial.

An important factor to note is that dental decay has a strong knock-on effect on general health. Miracle Tooth gives our system the greatest chance to deal with potential disease as we are not fighting a low-grade war in areas we are not even aware of.

To sum up the findings from the Miracle Tooth trial, 100 percent of the participants reported smoother almost silky teeth on a daily basis as if they had just been to the hygienist.

Read our testimonials here.


Spray 10 times into the mouth. Swish around for 1 to 2 minutes and spit. Use every morning. It can also be used during the day or after a high sugar intake.

30ml should last one month

100ml should last for 3 months 


Turritopsin™ (The Life Molecule)


10ML – Distilled Water, Vibrational Essences (As Listed Above)


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