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Finishing off the past to allow us to move forward

As you walk through life, much of your past is locked away within your body and it takes effort and energy to cope with this unconscious part of you. Liberation lets you go through a process of emotional purification, enabling you to revisit long-held memories and bring these stories to completion, in order to make peace with them and truly let them go without regrets.

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Liberation is designed to finish our unfinished memories by helping them towards resolution either in dreams or in real life. It does this by utilising the power of the nine gems and the five fires which are ancient alchemical technology remedies designed specifically to get to the places in the body where this trapped memory is stored.

It works systemically to bring completion and resolution to events and often begins with unfinished relationships, then onto friendships, then family interactions and then acquaintances.

It does this by presenting us with situations or dreams where we can get closure or find a new way of interacting with these individuals so we are not carrying around unfinished and unresolved memories of the past.

The effect is a huge lightening of the weight we carry around in our cells every day, which translates into a much smoother and seamless interaction with the world. Often in the process of taking Liberation, people or unfinished events from the past will pop up in our reality in a way that we are able to truly see what is required for deep healing, resolution or closure to occur.


Liberation can be used during the day or at night.  If taken at night you will experience a slightly more passive yet equally challenging time to advance self-knowledge.

We recommend taking 3-5 drops under the tongue per day to start. Once you are comfortable with the journey of Liberation, the process time can be adjusted to your own level.  For example, you could take it every second day to experience it more slowly.

Keep out of sunlight and shake before use.


10ml – Vibrational Essences – Shungite; Panch Agni; Royal Jelly; The Rasashastric Navaratna (100 Cycle) Which Is Comprised Of The Reacted Bhasmas Of: Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, White Topaz, Chrysoberyl, Hessonite, Fresh Water Pearl Lapis, Laxuli Himalayan Red, Coral Monoatomic Gold, Monoatomic Silver, & Organic Red Rose Petal; Kunkika Mantra; Light Of Jupiter; Protea Flower Essence; & Reishi – Distilled Water, Alcohol

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  1. Lindsey (verified owner)

    I have found this remedy to be very powerful and transformative in many ways. I experienced many profound dreams where I was able to find a level of closure around various situations from my past. I found that I was able to resolve difficulties in relationships with those from my past and present through my dreams, whilst also uncovering difficulties that were hidden from my conscious mind.
    In waking life, I was led to situations and people that also brought about healing and clearing of repressed memories and emotions.
    I would highly recommend to those ready and willing for a deep dive into their own healing journey.

  2. Collette

    I never expected Liberation to have such a profound effect on me. I immediately started dreaming about things from the past that I thought I had resolved, only to surface again and to enable me to finally let it go. I was not expecting this remedy to bring back these memories and it was a complete surprise and I can recommend it to anyone who feels a bit stuck and plagued by the memories from the past. It sort of shines a light on things that need to be cleared and one feels much lighter afterwards. Highly recommend if you are willing to do the work.

    • Emma Hamel

      Thank you for your feedback Collette. Super happy that this essence has worked so well for you, and it is enabling you to be free of your past and you feel so much lighter.

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“Having been through a fair amount of trauma in my 22 years here (and prior etc), I have been doing work to return to and learn my nature.  This has been done with an element of anxiety that no matter what I do I will never escape the memories/bindings of the past. For the first time in a while, I truly feel like I’m reintegrating parts of myself I’ve lost to trauma/hurt/guilt.  Some parts I had blocked from my memory but still sat within me like open wounds.  I am able to see a reality in which I can refine my being to its pure nature while still being in this body, and not so weighed down by distractions/the past.  I am able to look back at all that used to debilitate me and see some of its purposes, as well as be at peace with where I am now so I can go forward from here with dedicated intention. Big chunks of mental/emotional/physical obstacles are being cleared and simplified.  Thank you for your gift Adamas.” H.B.

“I’ve been doing qi gong daily for 10 years. Since taking Liberation I am going deeper and deeper, and my instincts have become sharper and the chi is flowing deeply into my cells – along with this is a gentle and deep connection to Source. I am Liberating so many old beliefs and patterns. It is a powerful transformational remedy inducing huge shifts on many levels. I will certainly continue using it for the powerful magic it’s inviting into my life, seen directly as changes and growth. People even tell me my face is changing and that I am lighter and more direct. Beautiful, thanks, Adam. Every day I experience such joyful liberating shifts since using this magical remedy.” chunks of mental/emotional/physical obstacles are being cleared and simplified.  Thank you for your gift Adamas.” M.S.