Immortality Lakshmi


Effortless Abundance

Immortality Lakshmi contains 7 levels of Immortality, 2 more than Immortality Garuda. It contains Creation, Golden Spiral, Blue Lotus, and a subtle version of cacao for that extra lush feeling in the background and then of course it contains the Lakshmi Mantra itself to put us in alignment with limitless abundance.

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Immortality Lakshmi is more an installation of abundance than a remedy. A way for us to learn a new way of being in the world. A way where things just come to us since we are the embodiment of abundance.  There is no more need to think oneself into abundance as this rarely works anyway. Now we can immerse ourselves in the feeling of it so that it becomes our natural state. We need to teach our cells what it feels like to be abundant so that they are in no doubt about their nature and then they will just express this naturally without coaching or conscious prodding.

The only way to predict when it is going to rain is to become the storm and this the ethos being used here. We are saturating ourselves in what it is to have things come effortlessly our way and drawing in the feeling on a cellular level that we need never struggle again.  Immortality Lakshmi is more of an installation of a better neurological operating system than a remedy, as it is built from all the most beautiful things in existence.

Like most things if we consume this for 21 days or more we set up a new pattern in the body. We retrain the body in abundance and then we just need to remind ourselves of it from time to time.  The reminder is because we have residual memory of non-abundance which will try assert itself from time to time, and sometimes this pattern is strong so we need to nudge it out the door a bit.

The recommendation is to use 4 bottles of Immortality Garuda before moving onto Immortality Lakshmi.



Recommended 3-5 drops a day under the tongue. Can be taken every second day if preferred. If used as recommended, one bottle lasts approximately one month


10ml – Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis Dohrnii), Creation, Golden Spiral, Blue Lotus – Distilled Water, Alcohol,

Immortality Lakshmi… wow 🥰!! In the space of a week, as my cells have been bathing in this new frequency, this remedy has helped me shift my whole life into a new trajectory. From being in a space of what felt like a new rock bottom, after my first dose, I found myself naturally and effortlessly starting to take inspired action. A few days later I received a job offer, almost effortlessly, which I have since accepted. Lakshmi is helping me understand that we don’t always have to go all the way to rock bottom in order to shift our reality into a frequency of creation and abundance, and that being in that frequency need not equate to bypassing, because the Goddess brings the capacity to hold space for it all. I feel the remedy working with my nervous system in a way that is creating more allowance for this. I have been absolutely blown away by Immortality Lakshmi. Thank you Adamas Incendia for your magic, and once again releasing just the remedy I needed at just the right time.

Robyn Engelbrecht


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