Immortality Gaia


Total sensory integration, true embodiment on the earth

Immortality Gaia contains 30 levels of Immortality, it contains all the elements represented on earth with Himalayan salt, Kalahari salt, Calzyme which is a fossilised remnant of a prehistoric seabed, and Shilajit. These contain all the elements so we can use them to rebuild our bodies into a more indestructible version of ourselves.

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Immortality Gaia represents the culmination of all the remedies that have come before. It is simultaneously the most potent and most gentle as it contains aspects of all matter on the planet.

I have tried to put Gaia, or the sense of Gaia into it using a range of ingredients to cover the feeling of immense, all-encompassing power, coupled with the feel of being totally held and loved by that power and then on to the next step of actually being an integral part of it.

Immortality Gaia is an initiation back into yourself, a returning home to full incarnation in a new form as a part of our birthright and as an essential part of our further evolution. This includes the flowering of a lot of our hidden gifts which have lain dormant till now until the golden rain of Gaia wakes up our pure potential and lets us inhabit our perfected body. What I felt initially from Gaia was absolute calm, a very normal feeling but with more depth than I had ever experienced; my eyes opened wider, my shoulders were straighter, and I saw things I had never seen before.

Immortality Gaia continues to teach and deepen and allows us to move forward into the world with everything we were born to have. I believe this remedy is something we can continue to take and something which will not only promote our longevity and health but will make sense of our incarnation on this planet.

I have cooked all these ingredients together in a universal solvent. This solvent has the power to bring things to life or to release their energy so it may be communicated to us as a teaching. For strength and super health, I have included Moringa and Buchu, both known to be associated with supreme health and longevity.

Then there is the Hibiscus flower which represents the fusion of masculine and feminine as well as giving us access to prophetic dreams. I have included the Bay leaf, known to aid in manifestation, prosperity, protection, cleansing and perhaps most importantly, psychic development.

I also included water from a holy spring on top of Table Mountain and stones and moss from a holy lake, to represent water and earth. I burnt some tree branches and lichen and added their ashes to represent the fire element. I included a visualisation of a hawk claw to represent the element of air.

Then it has the Guru Rinpoche mantra chanted into the mix to purify all passions and poisons and to bind all the ingredients together as well as Reishi to allow all the ingredients in the formula to work harmoniously. This has all been cooked together for many hours in a pot with 24 carat gold leaf to bring it to its fullest expression and to allow the nature of all these substances to extract into a cosmic soup. This expression of Gaia has then been further amplified to deepen its effects.

The ultimate idea behind Immortality Gaia is that it sets up an internal and organic dialogue between us and the planet as we draw and feed ingredients into ourselves which allows us to rebloom in just the way we always wanted. Many of us have felt separated from the earth, from ourselves and others and this brings us back to a beautiful earthy unity in a way that makes us truly feel at home in our body and in all other aspects of relating.

Please find a full explanation on this video.


Recommended 3-5 drops a day under the tongue. Can be taken every second day if preferred. If used as recommended, one bottle lasts approximately one month.


10ml – Immortality 30 levels, Himalayan salt, Kalahari salt, Calzyme, Shilajit, Hibiscus flower, Bay leaf – Distilled Water, Alcohol

Gaia. What an amazing brew. It feels beautifully mystical to be interfacing with all that is, the codes of creation, the elements, the infinite possibilities, the perfect healing, the balance and the perfection. My first experience was that of pure clarity. A sense of being so happy in my skin. No self-consciousness, no discomfort – truly at home. It’s like a permanent shavasana. Deepening into this feeling makes me wonder why I have ever felt any other way. Love being just Gaia. It feels like there is no separation between me and her, she is my home and I am home. There’s nothing more to do, just to enjoy the interaction. I feel practical, aligned and unhurried. So grateful to experience what a state of pure ‘beingness’ can actually feel like.

Robyn Wilkinson

I love Gaia. She feels like home and she has brought me back home. Home to myself and home to this place, this planet. I feel as though I have moved back into my skin and that everything inside me has found it’s right place and knows itself. The white noise and static of mental meandering and emotional to’ing and fro’ing is gone. I am present and clear and relaxed. I am not afraid. I feel held and nurtured. I feel whole. At the same time I see a spontaneous and non-attached empathy and compassion arise from me. As this quietness settles into my being I find I am able to turn inward and that in such a state we can enter into an understanding of the deepest mysteries themselves. Because these mysteries are simultaneously us and the pathways back to ourselves. Thank you Adamas Incendia 🙏🏽🔥

Priya Vassen

My first interaction with Gaia.
Feels like I’m sunbathing in the light of creation.
Calm focused and totally at peace.
Very much looking forward to where this journey will lead.

Wilrich Niehaus


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