The memory of water allows it to know everything it has come in contact with from the ocean and sea through rivers and lakes. It also has the ability to be used in medicine by retaining vibrational messages. This is how the remedy Immortality brings the message from the Immortal Jellyfish to the body.

We celebrate and express deep gratitude for the magic and mystery that is water.

Water is constantly being recycled. It falls, condenses, evaporates and reappears, over and over again. Water droplets continually are transforming themselves. In a 100-year period, a water molecule spends 98 percent of its existence in the ocean, 20 months as ice, about two weeks in lakes and rivers and less than a week in the atmosphere. None of this water is new; it is just recycled, over, over and over again.

Michigan writer Heidi Stevenson poetically reflects on this remarkable phenomenon:

“Swimming in Lake Superior, I imagine all of the seagulls, sturgeon, people, and plovers also touching the water. I remember reading long ago that all of Earth’s water is continuously recycled. I imagine swimming in water that was once dinosaur urine. Genghis Khan’s sneeze. Marilyn Monroe’s soup. Water, in both metaphor and substance, is the real Internet.”

Between the twin forces of ice and fire is the tale of water. It is the tale of all life on this planet since the beginning. Without it no living being would ever have existed.  That’s how important it is. But its deeper secrets unveil an even more extraordinary story of communication between every cell, in every living being, and the cells of every other being it interacts with.

From photosynthesis to eating an orange, or boiling rice, or being born…. all are intimately touched by water.

Every major cultural and religious tradition has a deep reverence that references water. And it is all really telling the same story, the story that water carries memory and we can absorb or ingest this memory and make it our own, a part of our body.   Let’s look more deeply into this. Firstly, in Chinese medicine, possibly the oldest medical system in the world, they say that blood carries mind.   Given that blood is mostly water, this means the water in blood has the capacity to imprint and hold our thoughts as we think them.

To back this up, we look at the Islamic and Jewish belief systems that hold that the mind of the animal should not be eaten as the mind is carried in the blood of the animal. In both the Halaal and the Kosher systems the blood is drained from the animal before eating, as it is considered that in consuming the mind of the animal, we will become more bestial in nature.

Then from a different perspective entirely, we have the river Ganges in India believed to be sacred by a billion Hindus. Interestingly Ganges water does not go off, even after years of being stored in plastic bottles.  This is water taken from a river heavily polluted by both humans and industry and runs through some of the most polluted places on the planet.

Somehow the combined belief of these billion people is able to infuse water with the ability not only to withstand decay, even after years in plastic bottles, but in addition purifies it to the point where it does not carry disease.

Water is fine enough as a medium to allow it to be imprinted with word and thought.

This concept is borne out by Dr Emoto’s work on programming water with concepts like love or hate.   This is really just the tip of the iceberg. It is also what homeopathy is based upon – the ability of water to hold onto memory in states of massive dilution.

Christianity has holy water, water that has been prayed over to animate it with a certain holiness.   Baptism and purification by water in all the major religions are not only considered normal, but in some cases, essential as a means to bring purity to the newborn and to rinse away any stains the child might have come to this life with.

We see the exact form of what water shows us when we examine crystals of frozen water forming into particular shapes. This allows us to see, by means of a frozen picture, the pictorial message the droplet is carrying.  So, if water can carry memory and we can see this in particular geometric forms we can ingest as fruit, vegetables or from the blood in meat, we can see how water is a medium upon which all life is built.

In the body, there is a continuous flow of information between the cells. This information is carried by intracellular transport mediums. They’re essentially piggybacking minerals and hormones on the back of water to allow us to get out of bed in the morning. When water interfaces with other elements we can see the different forms it takes.

When we watch the clouds moving across the sky, or the bubbles of a stream, or the steam off a hot spring, we are watching the movie of water as it moves in another element.

When it snows, we see the individual snowflakes telling the unique tale of exactly what imprint occurred to that droplet of water.  Of course, we don’t really know what we are looking at but the fact they are all different shows that water is a living thing capable of memory which may be captured as it enters a different medium or changes form due to temperature. Even watching the foam on the waves is telling us a story. It is not necessary to decode this, but more importantly to watch the dance of it all and realise we are watching a tale we can barely understand but the tale is eternal and perpetually changing which gives us a glimpse of our own ancient story.

The bubbles in the water from the stream do not cease, and they do not repeat. They are an endless play of form upon the water, they’re no less than the thoughts of the river which allows us to see what we are capable of.  When water touches a seed, it calls its latent genetics into life and begins to grow and form into a plant.  When we pause for a moment to ponder the wonders that water brings to us at every moment of every day, to despoil it in any way becomes not only inconceivable but insane as it is quite literally keeping us alive and allowing every interaction with every other living being we have.

Truly, if water can be imprinted upon, to fail to use this to create the most fantastic forms capable of instructing our molecules in life-preserving and radically creative ways seems like a massive waste of resources.

When we take the time to immerse ourselves in water, or consume it with rapt attention our entire relationship with life shifts as we are changing the way we relate with not only ourselves but every other single drop of water in existence from the sea to the ants even the concrete, and everything in between.

And we ask, why does water not just collect memory endlessly and end up as a vast storehouse of information? Well, when we expose it to direct sunlight or freeze it, it essentially erases its memory and has the ability to imprint something new.

When we look at distilled water which is basically water stripped of its mineral content, it becomes water hungry for information and minerals. This is why it is the perfect matrix to imprint upon – much like a blank canvas hungry for paint.

When water becomes polluted with either human or chemical impurities it eventually becomes tainted too. This is the story of waterborne diseases like cholera and dysentery, diseases that act as a warning to those foolish enough to pollute their own drinking water.   Water does not judge, it is just the reflection of what we put into it.  Like any good mirror it will reflect the beauty or the taint relentlessly to either encourage us in a particular direction or discourage us from a course of action.

Since water allows life to exist and growth to happen, to assume that water is not alive in some sense is not really that useful. If water allows the stuff of thought and emotion to be imprinted upon it (as in Dr Emoto’s work and with the Ganges), then in a sense, it has life, or more accurately it is life itself.  Just as our bodies could not exist without carbon the same goes triply for water.

If we see how much water there is in everything, from trees to grass to sea to lakes to coffee to shower time, to everything we put into our body, we see how truly dependent we are on this living matrix that allows life to exist and transact with itself.

Then there is the process of rain and watering of crops, the filling of lakes, the formation of clouds and the flooding of lands where what once was earth is no more.

Everyone can shift the way they view water. Committing to respect all life forms that share the water and depend upon it for survival will go a long way to restoring and preserving our waterways.