Humanity faces a quantum leap forward. It faces the deepest social upheaval and creative restructuring of all time. Without clearly recognising it, we are engaged in building a remarkable new civilization from the ground up.

So, having been on Immortality for a month and as its creator, I would like to share some reflections on the whole process as I feel they will be of value for anyone engaging with it.

Imagine we are driving along in a car, enjoying the scenery yet with the knowledge that at some point at the end of the road lies old age, disease and death.

Suddenly a giant loudhailer appears in the air and tells us we are now going to turn around and travel back down some of the roads to clear out old baggage. And, that the end is not the end, and that it is in fact the beginning of a new set of endless beginnings. 

What do we feel?  Well initially confusion, as such a thing is really unheard of, but then relief.

Massive relief that all we know and love. need not come to an end. And then massive relaxation, a deep sense that we can truly take our time with this human experience.

I cannot state this enough as it is palpable in the body. It is the body ironically that has less trouble dealing with this concept than the mind which tries to fit it into some construct.

Change channels for a moment to the mind.   Well, the mind is quite simply in overdrive, implications, implications, implications. What does this mean, how do I behave, what should I do? What is it that has meaning if we are not driven by this fear of death?  

Change channels again to the vitality which is where the mind and the body really meet.  Now I did not have much in the way of physical implications besides some old injury pains and a few stomach aches which briefly returned and rapidly went away.  These are all old symptoms so, in a word; fantastic, or let’s use two, fabulous as well.

I had so much energy, my body literally felt like it was floating on air. My strides were longer, my recovery time faster and I would literally seek out any excuse to exercise my body with the resultant euphoria that went along with it, plus the sense of achievement in the body as it gets stronger and healthier. 

I had become used to slower recovery time and fending off old age and general stiffness but I felt it was a losing battle ultimately as I became stiffer and stiffer. Now I am going the other way, I am getting more and more flexible, my body is becoming younger and stronger and it feels like I have won the war on age. 

I said to my daughter, ”We have won”, and she said back quizzically, ”What?, and I responded “Everything”.

#winning forever

It’s amazing to have the sense that I now have the time to learn a new language or 5, climb all the mountain ranges, and build healing centres all over the world. For one, I have the time and then my knees which were becoming a bit creaky and painful now feel almost completely healed.

Euphoria, but a timeless expanded euphoria that can take its time feeling euphoric, without the sense that this will pass.

I took a walk through an orchard with my girlfriend, and then we just did it again because we enjoyed it so much. Where normally I would look for something new to occupy my attention there was a sense that one could take one’s time because there was literally so much time.

Then something occurred to me, one of the reasons we get older is we get stuck in an ageing mindset, a facial posture of grim resolution moving into the future towards death. But this is now gone, and to be sure it stays gone we put the image of our old serious self in the blender and give it a quick whiz to allow for the new face of joy and youth to shine forth. 

The face of pure potential, a blank canvas of circulating possibilities bound by nothing. This is our inheritance; a very real future ushered into being by Immortality.

Back to the narrative. Creatively I am on fire, everything is just so much fun and easy. From writing, to business, to childcare to strategy, it all just seems like something I enjoy doing and I relish new engagement with the world.

Tasks that I normally trip over or drag my feet with now seem quite easy, almost effortless. It is like I was struggling up a hill on a bicycle but then the bicycle turned into a motorbike and the sensation of effort just turned into the sensation of pleasure and acceleration at the flick of the throttle. 

This feeling goes through a lot of activities, from work and business, to interactions and childcare, it all now feels like I have that extra torque to power through it. Instead of being a drag or a hassle, it is now a pleasure and an adventure.

There have been moments when I have had weird perceptions of time. These pass quickly and I believe they are just the body’s adjustment to a new endless timeline and a rewiring of the structures we have essentially been living in since birth. 

Everyone will have to deal with the big questions of what to do if we live for a thousand years.  Thankfully we get to ask these questions now, and whatever our answer, at least we have the choice.

Any physical symptoms we go through in the first few weeks of this process are just the payment of our own karmic debt to ourselves, the body showing us what we have done to it, and what we should be aware of going forward into the future to avoid such outcomes.

So, to summarize I feel fantastic, full of life, lots of energy, diamond-like focus, expansion of view and benevolent attitude like never before.  In a word, I feel universally cheerful and optimistic about everything, even in the midst of such crazy times.

Then there is the disbelief, the voice in the head that says this cannot really be happening, or you are just fooling yourself. But then people start commenting on how young you are looking and you look at your own skin as it gets softer and fills out daily and it becomes hard to debate this.

So, you look in the mirror again, and it is telling you the same thing, yes you are getting younger. Because the circulation is better in the body, you feel the cold less and wounds heal faster. In fact, you are now winning the war on ageing. In a nutshell, you are returning to the vigour of youth while retaining the wisdom of age.  So yes, you could probably live only on ice cream but your body has learned good habits so you know to exercise and eat well because then everything just feels better.

Immortal eternal undying.