“When taking Immortality, we not only participate in a physical and cellular age reversal but a mental age reversal as well. This happens through returning memories from the past as the cells let go of anything that might be binding or restricting. Think of it as unpacking the mind.”

What exactly does this mean?

Well, in a nutshell, and this has been verified by numerous people on the clinical trial, it means lots of forgotten memories return.

Now I know a lot of people feel that the past should stay in the past, but these ‘returning memories’ are not generally an unpleasant experience, they are memories from childhood, or teenage years or our twenties or thirties popping up for a short visit then passing off.

This experience was in no way unpleasant to me. It reminded me of how much I had actually experienced; memories of playing tennis with my cousin when we were 14, climbing their Mulberry tree, and gorging ourselves until we were stained purple, just little things.  The smell of my grandfather’s basement where I played table tennis with my Uncle was revived by going into a slightly damp room.

The Immortality journey went back sequentially as well, so one week I would be reliving my twenties and the next I would be experiencing things from my childhood. 

This is part of the process of reversal, almost like viewing one’s movie at high speed in reverse, to get back to a clean new slate with wisdom intact, but in a new youthful body.

Some unpleasant memories might arise, but imagine if we are squeezing a bag of oranges, most are good but we do have some bad ones and we just need to let these arise too and pass off into the distance.  They then no longer have the ability to bind us and condition our existence. 

This is simply a natural and necessary part of healing, and something we have to come to terms with, but really a tiny price to pay for longevity and probably not more intense than something we would experience on an average detox.

I would like to mention something else here about the nature of the mind and how it unpacks, and perhaps an example will best elucidate this.  I was walking on the mountain and it was as though I had perfect recall of every moment I had ever walked on the mountain or any mountain before. Almost like the act of walking on the mountain, and the physicality of the memory gave me complete access to the folder in my mind labelled mountain walks, with all the supporting emotions. I just had to reach out and it was all there.

I had a more negative version where I was dealing with a sceptic, and all the memories of the sceptics I had ever dealt with, flooded to the surface. This happened along with the emotions associated with them. There was frustration, anger, disrespect, and feeling like what I was offering was not of value as people were doubting my integrity and the beauty of what I was bringing.  I subsequently resolved not to deal with sceptics and just let decrepitude, old age, and death have their way with them.

Another person on the Immortality trial went out partying. They then had full body recall of all the parties and everything they had done in the past, and how they felt while partying, including hangovers. This is the body emptying out the folders so new fresh information can be imprinted.

 Just as we get new cells, we get a new clear almost childlike space for the mind to begin its imprint of a fresh immortal chapter to our lives.

This remedy is the cure for being jaded and exhausted by life as with a fresh mind space a lot of people are re-experiencing the wonders of the world; the grass seems greener, the air seems fresher, their delight in water seems more manifest, it all just seems better.  

Smell can also be a strong trigger back to memory and can be used deliberately to induce states for clearing; the smell of vanilla for example takes most people back to a happy place and we can use aromatherapy here to move us through some of the heavier memories that might arise.

The more of these memories we clear, the lighter we become and this is what happens with the jellyfish since we are literally building new cells, an earlier and healthier version of ourselves.

The minds primary goal here is just to observe, to watch it all play out, and hopefully recover some of the gems of the past to remember the things we used to love doing.  These memories become the kindling of our immortal fire.

To build in healthy habits at this point is very useful for our long-term mental wellness as things like exercise and delighting in the beauty of the world are not just useful but might ultimately be our saving grace.

A lot more needs to be discovered about how the mind files information, but it seems to do it by emotional charge, subject, location and then by the senses.

So, for example, a crisp cold winter’s day will conjure up memories of other crisp cold winter days.   This experience will be heightened on immortality so it is important to ensure a healthy, nurturing and happy environment during this time.

This tour back through your own memory is a precious thing as we get to take stock of our life and collect what was good and wholesome, while discarding stuff that we can only in retrospect, consider a bad idea at the time.

This is a second chance, not only for the body but for the mind too, and each time we run this process we get a new chance and a new beginning but one governed by everything we have learned in this world.

For me, I always ask myself the question of, would I be ok with it if that happened to me or my daughter, and if the answer is no then ensure I have no part in perpetuating or endorsing those activities.  But if the answer is yes, then I happily engage with it as a normal and healthy activity, like sneaking into an empty park during lockdown to play on the swings with my daughter.

This is not a question of right or wrong, but a full review and consideration of one’s life, and a chance at a new reality, one governed by the wisdom of age, yet fuelled by the passion and energy of youth. This is what immortality delivers to us over the course of a month’s daily dosing.