Knowing what to expect is an important part of taking Immortality. There is so much variation from person to person and it depends on many different factors. This article gives you great insight.

This is probably the hardest document to even begin writing as there is just so much variance in what people experience. Some feel fantastic, full of energy, childlike enthusiasm and free from old pains right from the beginning and some get plunged into old memory, aches and pains from the start. Sometimes temporary sensations of dizziness, disorientation and altered perceptions are noticed as the body realigns to the experience of age reversal.

Then there are those who have times of elevated mood followed by some old emotional and physical darkness followed by a return to the light, elevated and energised state they experienced from the start.

Personally, I have had very little darkness at all, some old emotional states returned which seemed quite dense at the time but on the whole, it has been plain sailing. I can definitely attribute this to the numerous bottles of Liberation and Redemption I have taken.

The majority of people seem to experience a lot of positivity and raised energy from the beginning and probably 90 percent notice skin softening after the first few days, or first week.

Increased thirst and hunger are noticed in most people as the body rebuilds cells as well as a stronger attraction to water whether it be in the bath, the sea or just drinking it.

A renewed sense of purpose, capability and ease in performing normally mundane tasks are common to most people, normally at the beginning but sometimes at later stages.

Old emotions and memories return in most people. Some felt the need to isolate a bit during this time to process what arises, or to take afternoon naps.

Some people have increased intensity of the senses, light looks brighter, touch is more remarkable, smells are more strongly experienced.

Most people have an increase in dreaming as a lot of the cellular historical memory plays out either in dreams or in daily life.

A renewed interest and capacity to exercise is noted in a lot of people and they literally jump into it with excitement and vastly improved stamina.

Old pains often come up and then heal, and in many cases, old aches disappear entirely. The joints and skin are strongly affected for the better in most people and everyone comments on the dewy appearance and soft feeling of their skin.

Old skin blemishes, sun spots, poor pigmentation, often disappear completely over the course of a few weeks.

Wrinkles also begin disappearing but this happens more quickly in men than women for some unknown reason.

Libido increases for both sexes in most cases and general flexibility also increases to a noticeable degree.

Some old traumatic memories come up to be dealt with but they often pass away quickly along with a sense of putting the past to rest forever so a new future can be built from today until forever.

Old acne and skin conditions including adult acne, and psoriasis clear up and better health and skin tone is frequently reported.

Circulation improves in most cases, people who had traditionally been quite cold, warm up. With this increased circulation comes faster wound healing and improvement of conditions like arthritis and even gout. Some people even notice more stability in their blood pressure.

A lot of people experience waves of healing as Immortality scans through the body and then does a second or even third or fourth pass on deep-seated injuries and conditions. Each time Immortality did this the condition became less painful.

Increased playfulness is noticed in most cases, some sooner rather than later but everyone reports a return to a lighter and more fun version of themselves.

Even the clothing participants choose to wear often changes. A mood of celebration comes into everyone’s life, people begin reaching out to others and including things they had long excluded from their lives. In a nutshell, everyone begins living or building their best life with the energy and inspiration to accomplish it.

In a nutshell everyone begins living or building their best life with the energy and inspiration to accomplish it.

Those that have more difficulty during the process or find Immortality too stimulating find that taking less drops helps and often dosing every second or even third day makes it more manageable and enjoyable.

Immersion in water, nature and increased exercise definitely helps to incorporate the process and make it more enjoyable.

Many people feel quite stimulated by the process as their youthful vigour returns and so begin a reduction of stimulants in their life. There is often a strong desire to eat healthy food and cook nourishing meals as people begin to truly appreciate the wonder of having a body and all this entails.

A lot of the concepts and experiences around time begin to change for people as they somehow relax into the feeling that they just have more time to do whatever it was they needed to do.

Sometimes people experience feeling outside of time or removed from time and at times the perception of time is either sped up or slowed down. These phenomena become less noticeable the further down the immortality road one travels.

People generally find greater ease and ability in dealing with previously difficult situations and often express an urge to just get on with things and move through the events of the day.

The overall experience after a few weeks, ranges from wonderful to miraculous and often includes the phrase that Immortality has given their life back or given them a second chance especially given that we are in a time when hope is a rare commodity in the world.

Written by Adamas Incendia.